What is PCloud?

PCloud is a cloud storage program that can bedownloaded right on to your device. You can store items on to PCloud and still use them on your device without having to give up any memory on your hard drive. PCloud is a service popular amongst businesses because it automatically eliminates the problem of file sharing.

Short Review of PCloud

PCloud is excellent for anyone who might be collaborating on projects with other people who need access to the files and folders too. The platform does not just function as a cloud storage program but also as a file-sharing platform. It is up to you who you authorize to view your files and folders, and you can change your sharing settings to whatever you see fit. The good people at PCloud use the latest methods in data encryption so you can be relieved of the stress of keeping your data safe. You can even sync your PCloud account to your social media accounts, and PCloud will backup all your data automatically if you have adjusted your settings to do so. It is a relief to use PCloud because you can access your data with any device, all you need to do is sign in to your PCloud account on the new device, and you’ll be ready to go.

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