What is Mailjet?

Mailjet is a mailing service developed to help businesses manage their communication with customers. From sending out transactional emails to automatic replies to queries, Mailjet does it all. The company provides clients with emailing solutions where they can integrate Mailjet's uncomplicated code in the coding language of your choice and start rolling out emails to your clients immediately.


Short Review Of Mailjet

Mailjet is a blessing to have; it helps you not only manage your business communication but, in some instances, it completely takes over for you. No longer will you have to tediously go through every email that comes to your business and reply to each one of them. You can set a few automatic responses which can give your client the necessary information they might have been in search of. Other than replying to emails, Mailjet also helps you send out marketing and transactional emails. You do not have to manually type in every single email address anymore and slowly send the promotional marketing email one by one, but let Mailjet handle it for you. In just a few minutes, your entire mailing list will have your latest email, thanks to Mailjet. Apart from that, Mailjet also has an excellent service that takes care of transactional emails. This way, both you and your customer will have a record of the transaction. The best part is; you can personalize the design and copy of all your emails. How neat is that?

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